About Us

Action Land & Environmental Services Ltd. is a leading facilitator of land and environmental management services throughout Western Canada. With two decades of experience and expertise, we pride ourselves on excellent communication, client-focused values, and a solid team concept.

Our team works within a wide range of industries including oil and gas, utilities, all levels of government, agriculture, land development, and with private clients.

We offer a depth of technical expertise and a comprehensive scope of consulting services to solve our client’s environmental, land, and regulatory requirements.

Our Vision

Our mission at Action is to offer quality environmental and land solutions for oil and gas, utilities and government sectors while demonstrating corporate ethics, safety excellence, and environmental responsibility – as we work to be western Canada’s land and environmental services company of choice.

We believe that our people are our natural resources and our natural resources are our greatest asset. Our vision is to move energy forward, one positive action at a time.

Core Values

1) Our clients are number one: We are focused on our client’s needs, we treat our clients like friends and family and truly care about the people we work with, not just the company they represent.

2) Resourcefulness: We are resourceful because we understand that time and money matter. Our business focuses on the three Es – Economics, Efficiency, and Effectiveness.

3) We care: We care about who we are, what we do, and how we show up because quality matters, a lot. We are in it for the long haul.

4) Growth matters: We water our plants so we can watch them flourish, and by plants we mean our staff, our clients, and our resources. We strive to always be better, through learning and leadership.

5) Safety is paramount: Without safety, there is no action. Everything starts from the ground up, and with our feet planted firmly on this ground. We make our list and check it twice (OK, three times!).

Environmental Responsibility

Our business is committed to environmental responsibility by protecting, environmental and social resources. We encourage all employees and subcontractors to be aware of environmental stewardship and take reasonable steps to reduce environmental incidents. To promote environmental responsibility, we implement the following measures:

1) Compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements.

2) Management of activities to prevent the discharge of harmful contaminants.

3) Protection of sensitive habitats, environmental resources, and significant heritage sites.

4) Identification, mitigation, and reporting of potential environmental risks and hazards.

Safety Excellence

Action Land & Environmental Services Ltd. is committed to the safety of its employees, subcontractors, and the general public. Our goal is an injury and accident-free workplace at our offices and project sites. To create and maintain our health and safety program we have a dedicated safety service provider. Training is provided to all employees internally and supported through certified safety training courses. Our commitment to health and safety includes:

1) Company-specific safe work procedures and standard operating procedures.

2) Comprehensive health and safety training.

3) Internal and external auditing program.

4) Proactive hazard assessment and risk mitigation.

To meet industry standards, we are registered with the Alberta Construction Safety Association Certificate of Recognition (COR) program, Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR) program, ISNetworld, and ComplyWorks.

Connect with Action Land & Environmental Services Ltd.

Connect with Action Land & Environmental Services Ltd.